Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Snob

R reveals her inner Christmas diva

I'm going to admit it straight away - I'm a Christmas snob. I blame my parents and the blissful-stuff-of-legend Christmas day that they achieve every single year. My mum is the best cook I know, my dad writes the worlds best treasure hunt and my sister wraps the best presents. Lately my Favourite has been joining us and he buys incredibly thoughtful gifts and helps me stoke the fire, very welcome additions to our joyous day. 

Anyway, point being, anything less than a four bird roast, a roaring fire and a perfectly co-ordinated tree and I'm OUT. Turkey? Are you joking? That's for diets only. And tinsel? Don't even get me started. While I appreciated the fun in a tacky, bland food-filled Christmas, it's just not for me. I like my yuletide decidedly middle class, filled with glass baubles and sound tracked by laughter, Gregorian chants and the crackle of a wood burning stove. 

At the moment I retreat to my parents home which is aesthetically perfect from floor tile to ceiling fixture, but one day when I'm a real grown up I'll have my own home and hopefully, come Christmas, it'll look a little something like this...

R x 

Friday, 19 December 2014

DIY Christmas Cards

Being well into the Christmas Season, J shares her inspiration for some DIY Christmas cards this year

It is officially Christmas card season and as always I try to have time enough to make the christmas cards I give. Sure you could spend hours making an absolute masterpiece of a christmas card for your nearest and dearest, but if, like me, you are frantically running out of days before the big day I thought I'd share a couple of quick DIY ideas for if you want to make your cards this year: 

Spare Buttons as baubles

Old wrapping paper or last years christmas cards to make a winter forest

Scraps of fabric (or again old christmas cards) to make festive animals

Paint tester sheets and a nifty hole punch

Finger print animal faces.

All these and more are featured on one of our pinterest board.  I hope this helped give you a bit of inspiration, and please do tweet us a picture of any of your creations to @RAJEdesign #diychristmas

J x

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Baby it's Cold Outside // Cosy Nights In

A drifts away reviewing the new Bavarian Winter candle from M&J London.

On a cold winter's night, after a hard day's work, there is nothing better than holing up in a homey idyl to while away the evening. To properly cosy up I'll brew myself a cup of tea, grab a mince pie (or two) or a hand-full of lebkuchen, light a candle, and curl up on my bed with a good book.

Thanks to the lovely M&J candles, I now have my favourite candle for said frosty winter's nights. Part of their new range of winter scents, the Bavarian Winter candle is a beautiful melange of cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and blackcurrant.

The seasonal scent is rich, decadent and reminiscent of luxurious Christmases of long ago. Not too sweet or overpowering, the aroma enriches the room, bringing an easy luxury to proceedings, in short, it's perfect for Christmas.

What with all this drifting off to far-away, exotic lands, I quite forgot to mention that it's hand-poured in London from sustainable soy wax and housed in a handmade recycled glass tumbler.

To get your hands on your very own delicious M&J candle or to surprise a very lucky loved one this Christmas, head on over to their website, find them in your local Whole Foods or hit them up on Twitter

A x

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I Blame The Crackle // Burberry Beauty

J gives us a rundown on her latest adventure into Burberry Beauty

The other day I went on a bit of a makeup splurge. Now if you are a regular reader of the blog this may seem slightly odd. Sure I have arguably invested far too much in my nail varnish collection, but I rarely 'buy' into seasonal beauty trends mainly cause I'm a bit stuck in the mud on the makeup front, keeping to what I know looks OK and can achieve while commuting to work on a rocky bus or tube.

Burberry's recent launch into the beauty industry did get my attention, probably unsurprising given my invested bias towards pretty much everything Burberry. But it hasn't disappointed, as with Burberry's general approach to fashion the make-up collections are accessible without being bland - with options of more adventurous colours and shades for those inclined, but more than anything the quality is second to none. 

This Rose Blush is slightly darker than I am used to, which was terrifying at first, but once I conquered my fear I understood why I was advised on this colour - it looks SO good, giving my face overall more depth and dragging me out of my renaissance type pale complexion.

Midnight Ash Eye Definer
Almond & Gold Trench Sheer Eye Shadow

The two sheer eye shadows allow me to keep my fail safe smokey eye standard, but the use of the midnight ash eye definer brightens this up from my usual black, and the green hint complements the green in my eyes perfectly. 

But overall I have been most impressed by the quality, after 9 hours of tube battles, whatever the British autumn weather decides it is doing and countless meetings, my cheeks have retained their rose-y glow and eyes have maintained their smoulder.

5 stars Burberry. 

J x