Monday, 2 March 2015

Style: London Fashion Week Highlights AW15

London calling! We've cherry picked the best of London Fashion Week so you don't have to

Its reputation for creative, eccentric design firmly intact, London put on a great show this fashion week, offering everything from Gothic princesses and pop-art fun, to boho babes and rebellious retro. It was a hard task, but we've selected our favourite shows just for you...

Sibling, known for doing with knitwear what you never thought possible, have gone and done it again. This season the Sibling girl is a plastic punk princess in pink and blue latex with vintage Missoni-esque knits. We all want to be Sibling girls.

Key piece: multi-coloured tube jumper dress perfect for not caring in an 80's teen rebel kind of way.


Like playing dress-up in your granny's wardrobe, Simone Rocha was a little girl's dream of ruffles in silk and velvet with lashings of brocade and lace. Typically playful, enticingly opulent and a little bit dark, Rocha will spark desire in the heart of every fashionista this Autumn-Winter.

Key piece: make like your seven-year-old self and whip up a curtain into a dress, or failing that, be sure to sport a neat little brocade tailored jacket.


All hail the master of pattern! Jonathan Saunders has yet again produced an endlessly delightful collection. Full of bold pattern and colour, inspired by pop art and with some nice 60's references – note the over-sized and cat-eye shades –  this season is bright, fun, and full of hope.

Key piece: a simple and effortless striped polo-neck jumper.


Roksanda was a swirling sea of maroon, ochre, cobalt and cerise. The richest of colours in the most luxurious of fabrics - fur, leather, suede, quilted silk... a truly covetable collection, in wonderfully wearable silhouettes.   

Key piece: a luxe fur stole in claret or burgundy.

Having just won the Elle Style Awards Designer of the Year, Erdem continued to ride high with a super-pretty collection of Victoriana and bohemian pieces against a backdrop of mid-century domesticity. Knowingly nostalgic and downright stunning.

Key piece: a demure, high-collared chinoiserie dress suitable for tea in Bloomsbury.


Burberry stole the show with a glorious finale to London Fashion Week (what - there were other shows afterwards?!) With a triumphant parade of beautiful boho looks complete with cosy ponchos, patchwork boots and more suede fringing than hitherto thought possible – Christopher Bailey, accompanied by full gospel choir and silver confetti, took us all to church this LFW.

Key piece: patchwork thigh-high suede boots to see you safely through the chillier months.

For all the photos from all the shows, head over to Vogue.

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Thought: Blogs in Brief

Grab a cup of coffee and peruse our blogs in brief

Whether your Saturday is the welcome end of a busy week or you're stealing a moment with a cup of tea in a hectic day, take five to catch up with our blogs in brief...

The lovely Ruth Crilly, aka A Model Recommends, scooped an exclusive with Burberry this week, revealing their new season's beauty look before it even hit the catwalk. In this handy little tutorial she reveals some tips and tricks that will help you master that illusive perfect smokey-eye look.

We have been thrown head-long into fashion month, so catch up on the best of the first of the Autumn Winter season with out pick of New York Fashion Week.

And if you're feeling a little bit fashioned-out, here's a nice little moment of humanity from Wil Wheaton.

Enjoy your weekend...

A x

Friday, 27 February 2015

Thought: How is Social Media Influencing You?

R asks us to think about who we follow, and why we follow them 


Something, my very wise and wonderful mother said a lot to me when I was growing up was "be careful what goes in". While this saying can be happily applied to diet and a myriad of other complications, the context she delivered it in, was watching what we fed our souls with. 

Whether it's through films, music or books my mother is of the opinion that what you absorb has an impact on who you are, how you think and how you feel, and I'm inclined to agree. This doesn't mean we were banned from watching anything other than Disney or listening to anything but Gospel, quite the opposite in fact. What it did mean was that I was cautioned to guard myself if watching something particularly provocative. And this is a practice I have continued well into my grown up life.

You see, if what we take in can affect us, shouldn't we pay closer attention to what we're surrounding ourselves with? I don't want to become numb to things just because I see and hear them all day long. To try and stay sensitive and positive I make the effort to only watch things that make me feel good, to only listen to music that makes me happy and only read what inspires or amuses. 

My mood is easily affected by what I've watched or listened to, so I watch what goes in and guard my responses to it - separating what I'm feeling to what the artist, writer or musician is feeling. 

The other day I realised I didn't continue this approach to my social timelines and that I follow people, read blog posts and connect without much care or attention. So over the next few weeks I will be cleansing my social media, making an effort to surround myself with people, posts and noises that communicate hope, happiness, truth, integrity and productivity. 

Sometimes being happy, being good and being truthful is a conscious decision in the face of life. It's a decision I have to make again and again and hopefully a few more joyous tweets will help me along the way. 

Do you follow any particularly inspiring, entertaining or remarkable people online? 

R x

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Style: New York Fashion Week Highlights AW15

New York, New York! Our pick of the bunch from the big apple's fashion week

It was a good week, but there's no denying it – the fashion set have all gone a bit doolally for the 70's this season. If you're not prepared to blindly wade into over-sized shades, gaudy piping and kick-flares, here's you're guide to the best of the New York shows this Autumn-Winter.

Tommy Hilfiger celebrated their 30th birthday in style this year, with a tour-de-force collection of American sportswear classics in delicious autumnal shades and rich textures of leather, fur and alpaca.

Key piece: your very own American football jersey worn ever-so-nonchalantly. Or for a subtler take, how about a varsity striped scarf?

Carolina Herrera was one of the most outright stunning shows I've ever witnessed, a sea of cool, enchanting blues swathed the models as they glided down the catwalk. The designer has done it justice to her inspiration of water, and the mesmerising patterns it creates. Simply beautiful.

Key piece: a simply cut shift in cool blue tones for never-fail class this AW.

Zac Posen did what New York does best with look after look of timeless elegance sent down the catwalk. A vision in red and jewel tones, this was a lesson to us all in evening-wear chic. Subtle cut-out detailing and gentle nods to the current 70's revival kept this collection relevant.

Key piece: a demure, floor-sweeping, red-carpet-worthy red dress for that big do you've got coming up.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, in the safe hands of new girls Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, showed a bold, punchy collection that stood out amongst the raft of 70's flares and assorted nostalgia this season. The MBMJ girl has something to say, and she's not afraid to say it. p.s. we love the William Morris florals.

Key piece: a black, studded beret, worn in a revolutionary manner.

What the stylish American woman would do without Ralph Lauren, I don't know. But she can rest easy this Autumn-Winter as the super-brand has provided her with yet another infinitely wearable collection in every shade of taupe. Lines are long, trousers hinting at flared, fringing both harks back to Native Americans leathers and 70's styling, and a stetson is the accessory of choice.

 Key piece: a wrap around shawl in any shade of taupe to see you through the chilly US Winter.

For pictures from all the shows, check out Vogue.

We'll be back with our low-down on London Fashion Week very soon!

A x