Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Photo Diary // E Went to Paris

A photo diary of E's aesthetically pleasing trip to Paris. 

Last month an old friend and I decided we needed a city break and some quality catch-up time. One of the best things about going somewhere new is being able to explore, discover and take photos (well for me anyway). Here's a little photo diary of all the lovely things we found while we were away


There was an abundance of bicycles!

The best falafel I've ever had.

 It wasn't difficult to stumble across a lovely view.

Unsurprisingly we managed to find quite a lot of lovely French bars and restaurants to try out. Here's me all ready to go, wearing my Dream On Dress.

Oh no, now I want to go again! 

E x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

WWW // J And Her Outwear

J has an outerwear obsession, and with good reason!  Find out just why a good jacket can make or break an outfit.

As ever with English Spring time, this weather is just point blank mental. One moment it is glorious sunshine and you are genuinely considering if it is too early for flip-flops ,the next; there is a hail storm hammering at your windows!

This obviously causes a lot of issues when getting dressed in the morning. Luckily I have developed a new obsession with coats and jackets meaning that although I might have cobbled an outfit together that is part sarong-clad-beach-babe part knitwear-enthusiast-mountaineer, my outerwear is sorted!

Parka + Scarf: Burberry

After many trials and errors trying to find a parka I was happy with, I stumbled across this beauty at the last sample sale.  It has a removable quilted lining and is actually waterproof so is my saviour when the sky looks like Armageddon in the morning.

Jacket: Loppis, Sweden // Tube dress: Topshop

My last venture to Sweden, the land of the second hand shop, gave me a leather jacket. Ever since watching Grease I've wanted a leather jacket.  Being a Summer (skin-tone), I needed to be careful with the colour but this worn brown is perfect. And when I wear it on a sunny day with skinny jeans and my ankle boots I feel exactly like an Avenger.

Blazer: Burberry // Dress: Urban Outfitters // Heels: M&S

A wardrobe classic; the blazer, and a fairly tricky item as there's no doubt that a blazer either makes you look like you are going to school or that you are in fact a grown-up. Coming to terms that I am actually now 28 and accepting that being a grown-up isn't actually that bad, I invested in this blazer. It's wide shoulders and tailored waist work brilliantly to create that slim silhouette which I team with a loose fitting dress and some killer heels. On those days where I am feeling a bit intimidated by grown-up life, this outfit is my 'power' saviour.

J x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Stylish Investment

E invests in a beautiful new piece of knitwear and learns the value of the wardrobe basic.

As one of my New Years' resolutions, I wanted to shop with the idea of building up my wardrobe of basic, good quality, stylish garments that are either UK made, vintage or sweatshop-free. So since January I've only bought from charity shops, or garments that are made in the UK.

I think something I've been learning is how essential the core of your wardrobe is. So whatever the season, you can layer and use pieces in different ways. 

A couple of months ago, a printed, cotton cardigan from Cos caught my eye. I waited a couple of weeks but I couldn't forget it, so I saved up and bought it. It's has an all-over graphic print on it and buttons at the back.  It's a great basic for me to invest in, as it's great for my summer skin tone, which means it will always suit me. It's also great as I can reverse it if I want it to look more cardigan like, or tuck it in. The options are endless! 

Find out about what colours suit your skin tone from our website.

So here it is – my new favourite wardrobe staple!

What's been your most recent purchase? Tweet us @RAJEdesign, we'd love to know!

E x

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Blogs in Brief

Well here it is again, Saturday; we do love you!  We here are R~A~J~E are spending our Saturdays spread across three cities and two continents working our little socks off on various tasks.  Wherever you are in the world, do take a minute to sit back, enjoy a latte and catch up on this weeks' blogs. 

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Going Sugar Free

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And whatever you do, have a gorgeous weekend!

A x