Saturday, 11 September 2010

No sleep 'til Hammersmith.

Ahoy you ravishing readers. I'm taking the plunge and writing this post all by my lonesome, yes it's me, A. 

I rocked up to Kentish Town this Thursday night to witness the HMV Forum Battle of the Bands where my boy, Dreams 2.5, DJ'd for fresh-as-a-daisy MC, BB Manik, who was strutting his stuff, against a selection of other hot new acts.  Had a thoroughly good night.  BB was ace, had the whole floor packed and dancing.  Congrats to Hey! Alaska who won, but big shout out and blatant plugging to crowd favourite BB and Dreams... 

Check out BB Manik's website:

And Dreams 2.5's Soundcloud and Twitter

My boy Ben, dreaming away.
Sweet moves
Witness the hazy, dreamy photography that can only be achieved whilst listening to live music. Also loving the MJ stance.

A x

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