Friday, 10 September 2010

Style stalkers

Me and E spent a sunshine filled afternoon on Park St in Bristol snapping away at hot young things. You are always guaranteed to spy a few good'uns on Park St. 

"While playing i-spy with R we spotted some budding fashionistas. Take a look at these two cool cats. FYI the shirted girl was wearing a beauty of a crop top, my bad-didn't get it in the snap, but it worked more than perfectly with her other nods to the S/S trends. Not to be overshadowed, her boho inclined bessie sported some on trend hair in all its plaited goodness.

Juice box boy was a firm favorite of the day. We were won over as soon as he insisted he put his carton of smoothie down. He also has some serious style credentials too, check out his Nike deck shoes and the ickle turn up of his jeans. Juice box boy, we salute you. E x"

Me and E have now unfrtunatly been separated by hours of train travel, while she pursues the art of photography in Southampton I'm learning the highs and lows of Journalism in Liverpool. Never fear though dear readers, expect frequent people hunting snaps for our reunions in London. R x

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