Saturday, 11 December 2010

A well deserved shout-out.

Amelia's magazine is an excellent place to be inspired, especially when the entries come from contributors like our friend Sally Mumby-Croft. She is a super talented writer / editor/ photographer extordinaire, and has the wonderful ability to know about the most incredible, (although sometimes not very well publicised) exhibitions that knock about London Town. It is not so unusual to find her (occasionally dragging me along with her) meandering around the streets of East London on a hunt for "this amazing gallery I just heard about"

Her entries are always worth looking out for, especially one of her most recent ones "an interview with painter Jethro Buck" who is another brilliantly talented friend who's solo exhibition has just opened at the North Wall Art's Centre in Oxford, and is well worth a look, if you are knocking about Oxford. His work has that truly magical touch which takes you a million miles away in an instant.

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