Thursday, 20 January 2011

Keeping the Festive Spirit Alive

Just when it seems like Christmas was a million years ago, and I find myself wondering why it isn't summer yet, this little gem crops up underground to keep my festive spirit alive just a little bit longer.

And here I was thinking flip flops, or even fitflops couldn't be Christmasy.  Think again, A.

So I thought I'd share with you this charming, witty, little slice that brightened my day.  And while I'm at it, extol the virtues of fitflops.  Although I must confess I don't own a pair, my Mum, and many of her contemporaries, do.  They say, and I think they are to be trusted, that they are jolly comfortable, and really do help if you are suffering from muscle pain in your legs, or a leg injury.  My personal love of fitflops is because they manage to do what many other shoes fail so miserably at - they are comfortable, and good for you, whilst still looking good.  Snaps to fitflops, my Mum's feet are happy, and no-ones sense of aesthetics are upset.  Happy days.

Here's to believing it's still Christmas, and good looking, comfy shoes.

A x

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