Thursday, 17 February 2011

WARNING>> hours of your life may be lost as a result of reading this:

The Art of The Trench
The trench coat, a wardrobe classic that is quintessentially English and features on the pages of fashion bible magazines year after year, season after season. Aquascutum are pretty well known for them, but lets be honest, when you think of trench coat you think of one brand, one label… Burberry.
Burberry is one of the few designer labels that I absolutely lust over and make me quake in my little designer boots, it is an epic brand, and anyone who doesn't think Christopher Bailey is the most amazing man ever to walk the earth should be seriously punished, not to mention the equally inspirational buisness woman Angela Ahrendts.
Anyway, Part of Burberry's celebration of the trench has been to dedicate a whole site to the art of the trench coat. Inviting people to take photos in their trenches and upload them, you can then like, comment and share these photos on various social media sites…. I have already lost more than a day of my life perusing these beauties, Tread (or Click) carefully, yes they are beautiful, but you also need to eat, sleep and interact with other humans!

J x

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