Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Break Up

We've all been through them, the grey hair inducing, waist expanding event that renders us almost comatosed for the foreseeable future. As i look out my window on this beautiful if a little blustery London afternoon I realise that our little motley crew of ethical fashionistas is somewhat unlucky in love.
From the standard just dating scoundrels, to falling for far flung musicians or romancing people with such different ideals you become irreconciable... we have done it all. Between the four of us our romantic tales could script a much lower budget Sex and the City. Except unlike Carrie and the girls our stories are not yet finished. A is happily living the London dream with her Croydon boy in tow and as for the rest of us, well, I believe better things are to come.

But for the time being while our knight in shining armour finishes readying his steed here is our own perfect carefully constructed break up diet..

- 2x Phish Food ice cream
- 1x 18" American Pizza Slice
- 4x Vino
- 1x Box of cigars

The combination of above items combined with the love, comradeship and general sympathy of a few key  friends should be enough to help you survive...until next time then.

R x

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