Friday, 22 April 2011

R and E turn backpacker

Shelling out the last of our pounds and buying the most expensive tickets of my life me and E excitedly purchased two Global Rail Passes for this June! After a stay-at-home summer last year and with us both turning 21 this spring we decided it was time to revisit an old tradition and embark on our very own coming of age grand tour (minus the Baedeker and chaperone's). Our plan thus far is to fly to Berlin, cross into Poland then work our way down to Athens when we will fly home early August. 

I am not a low-maintenance girl, by any stretch of the imagination, so I anticipate the lack of general hygiene, full length mirrors, moisturiser, full wardrobe etc with some trepidation but am hoping the marvels of Eastern Europe with E will be enough to send all thoughts of MAC and Topshop back to England. 

Our rough itinerary:

Anyone have any travel tips or must sees? 
R x


  1. ♥ Unreal! Love ypur blog so much.)) ♥

  2. wow that sounds like the perfect way to spend the summer! hope you'll have a great time duuudes!!

  3. Always wanted to do this. I'm sure you'll be having too much of a great time and forget about everything you think you're going to worry about!

  4. Ah thank you, thats the hope! R x

  5. thank you SOSO much<3 you made me smile!!!