Friday, 27 May 2011

Am I really a grown up?

Everyday I have this battle with my wardrobe.... What To Wear. Finding the line between what you 'should' wear to work and what your mind wants to wear is complex...

What do you think? Do I get away with it?

Teapot & Sneaker Necklace: a J Original, Ring: Father Christmas, Jeans: Both from Uniqulo, Brown Jersey Top: M&S, Heels: M&S about 5 years ago, Yellow Grandad Shirt: TopShop, Black Cardi: Gina Tricot (Sweden 2009), Red Pumps: Dunnes (Ireland 2010), Heart Necklace: H&M (Paris 2005)

J x

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  1. I totally have that same problem. I always want to push the envelope just a little more, but not get in trouble! lol

    Live Life in Style