Monday, 23 May 2011

E and her Baby

While E was playing around with her cherished Medium Format camera i stole her enviable Nikon to pap her. She was lost in a world of cable releases, waxing lyrical about various photography related things I can barely comprehend. I love taking photos, looking at photos even editing them but E is a true photographer through and through. Good job she's studying it really...

What are your passions? 
R x


  1. Ooo I bumped into your Dad last week and we had a little catch up chat :)

    I ended up having photography in the conversation, saying how I love Polaroids. He said you guys have an old Polaroid Land camera. I nearly begged him to let me borrow it. Maybe one day there could be a r.a.j.e + Lizzie the Pola-lover photoshoot ;)

    p.s I would also love a medium format!

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  3. Hey Lizzie, yea he mentioned he had bumped into you. I would happily lend you the polariod if there was any hope of finding it in our haphazard loft, but i'll keep my eyes open! A photoshoot sounds fun! Maybe E would even let you play on her medium format.
    R x