Friday, 13 May 2011

A moment on your lips a life time on your hips

I'm not sure whether it's the warm weather, recent break up or the approaching tour of Europe (with many bikini essential destinations) or most likely a combination of all the above but I am, relatively successfully living a healthy lifestyle. 
This may not sound remotely radical or impressive but for a impoverished student who spends too much time going out and who's household has a distinct penchant for take away, I'm pretty pleased with my self. Maybe I can avoid that burkini after all...

And hopefully look a little more like this...(minus the knife)

Anyone else chasing that elusive perfect bikini body?
R x


  1. I'm going through a breakup too!! But I want to be more heatlhy. I haven't dealt with it too well meaning eating unheathily.

    Live Life in Style

  2. Ah good luck being healthy! It is very hard! Hope you're ok.
    R x

  3. I hate bikinis! I'm a one piece kind of girl. It would hurt to be a little more healthy though.