Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Train thoughts on a tuesday night

Salman Rushdie said...

"It is hard to write about love, even harder to write lovingly, when one has a broken heart. Which is no excuse: happens to everyone. One must simply overcome, always overcome. Pain and loss are 'normal' too. Heartbreak is what there is."

I had never experienced the much documented heartbreak. Jane Austen, Damien Rice and early listenings to emotion charged Ramones songs had given me a dim idea of what it could be. Was I naive in my 20 year old body to believe I could experience life, love without it? 

I'm not sure, but I am determined to, perhaps stupidly, continue to expect... demand more good than bad, more style than error and more love than heartbreak. This somewhat heavy and in depth vague realisation was fuelled by:
1x 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet'
1x Bag of Percy Pig and Pals
1x Three hour train journey 

Vintage Pringle jumper, Levis shorts and Nike Court Force high-tops.

Bristol Temple Meads. Home Sweet Home. 
Off to see E down in Southampton tomorrow, will be sure to rustle up some Street Style Snaps and What We Wore for your perusal.
R x


  1. Beautiful post. I recognise that station, I lived in Bristol for a while!



  2. Thank you, it is a beautiful city!
    raje xx

  3. the city looks beautiful..and the subways looks so much neater than here in NY!!