Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Icon

I've previously waxed lyrical about how awesome Miss Sally Mumby-Croft is both as one of my nearest and dearest and as an amazing writer/photographer/editor. I am very lucky to have such an inspirational friend.

Knowing her going on 12 years I have always been in awe of her style, not to mention her knowledge of labels, designers and models that would put Anna Wintour to shame. She also (probably) owns a copy of every single issue of Vogue ever (among other reputable periodicals).
One windy, sunny Sunday I found myself on the bus to Shoreditch to indulge in some amazing Spaghetti Bolognese and good old fashioned nattering with Miss Mumby-Croft;

Sal wears: Body: Topshop (before the tax evasion scandal... tisk tisk bad Philip Green) - Skirt: Urban Outfitters - Slippers: Portobello Market

You can read some of her articles and interviews for Amelias Magazine here
Watch some of her Video's here
and follow her on Twitter: sallymumbycroft

J x

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