Friday, 19 August 2011

The American Dream

Its Friday evening and I get a call from one of my (many) cousins which went along the lines of...

K: "Hey Jo-Jo, Its Kev. How was Glastonbury?? I'm so jealous of all the bands you saw it's unreal, I literally have never been so jealous in all my life"

J: "Hey Kev, yeah it was awesome thanks, 2013 you'll have to make an appearance"

K: "Yeah totally! Hey listen, there might be a chance that I'm gonna be in London next week, is there any chance I can crash on your sofa for a couple of nights with a friend??"

J: "Yeah sure thing Cuz, just let me know what the plan is."

K: "Sweet, think I'll be there Wednesday night, but I'll let you know"

Wednesday 5:00pm..... I still haven't heard anything.....

I eventually got hold of my cousin and after a hilarious story about his journey to London that is too long to divulge on here, he arrived and our 5 day American dream went bit like this...

A pearl of wisdom found in a Brixton bathroom (where else!?)

A is very excited about the dinoaurs at the Natural History Museum

Yep - J is in the building (Found in Spittalfields based hair salon)

Cousin Kev with his new 'Do'

Beautiful Fashion found in aformentioned hair salon magazines

A avec Dreams 2.5, obviously pretty excited about the culture (note A's dino face)
 The sights of London included a Brixton based evening of awesome - followed by a day of voluntary (forced)culture - and a step into Shoreditch.


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