Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bag Lady

The contents of one's bag is a deeply personal, weird and wonderful world. This is a sneaky peek at my everyday essentials that I can't live without...

Contents: Wrigley's Exrta SugarFree Gum, Standard - Keys, with my Celtic J;
Photo ID Work Pass, which has the most horrific photo of me of all time on it, is it at all possible to have a good passport photo taken?! 
Body Shop Rasberry Lip Balm;
Anadin Painkillers, necersary for those early mornings after a late night;
American Elle, essential Tube Literature;
My FiloFax, I actually wouldn't know what was going on without it;
ipod Nano, another essential, you may have figured I'm a little music obsessed;
OysterCard, the holder is courtesy of Paperchase;
an aquired Zebra Print brolly

My Make Up Kit: Compact Mirror - a vintage fair find, Treseme hairspray, Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner, No.7 mascara, Eco tools Blusher Brush, NARS Highlighter Stick, Armarni Diamonds Perfume, BeneTint

J x


  1. Great and interesting post again! Lot of kisses

  2. Thanks a million, Glad you like it!
    J x