Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Dreaded M

The issue of money is not frequently found on our style focused blog, understandably i think as it is mostly dull, depressing and something most of us lack in. This morning i woke up with the sort of do to list liable to blight an otherwise lovely Wednesday 'Go to the bank and sort out my financial life'. A few hours of procrastination later i found myself talking to the lovey Aysha, who's daughter i had a lot in common with, about the outstandingly dire state of my many overused and underfunded bank accounts. A few deposits here and there, some moving around, dealing with overdraft charges and finally sorting out online banking later and i feel, if not totally functioning, at least slightly on top of my financial state. Yes i am 100% broke, but at least I'm not getting charged for it anymore. 

As i sat down to blog i got to thinking about how much of a taboo subject money is, how difficult it is to hold your hands up and say "Hey, i might not be able to make rent this month", or how shady people are about savings. Privacy is of course essential, and a human right these days, but why is it so hard to talk openly about money? 

So my 'academic year resolution' in 2011 (anyone else do these?) is to manage my finances correctly, not blindly stumble to cash points hoping they'll let me withdraw a tenner, or scan the girl in Topshops face for that all too familiar declined pity smile. I will budget, save and, well of course, spend. But most importantly i am going to stop being so embarrassed about me and my money (or lack of.)

A girl can always dream though right?

Dolce & Gabbana £5,265

Rick Owens £325

Pamela Love £395

Bottega Veneta £270

Topshop £65
After my typically astronomical mental spend of the day I'm off to enjoy some of the simple, cheap pleasures in life. Orange Wednesday with E, latte at Boston Tea Party and a home cooked meal with the parents. 
R x

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