Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Skirts That Swish

Am I alone in my child-like enjoyment of skirts that swish?  This one, when I wear it sat high on my waist, makes me feel a little like a doll, and I feel compelled to swish it side to side (you know the scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral, where she tries on wedding dresses and swishes? yeah, like that :P )
Here's a tip: if you're feeling a little blue, pop on a bright, swishy skirt and swish along and buy a cupcake or a latte.  And hum a happy little tune, who cares if people think you're crazy? You'll be feeling great.

// A wears // vest top: Topshop; necklace: M&S; skirt: really old Primark (eek! In the days when I thought I was too poor to have a conscience, I have since rectified this squiffy thinking) nails: Barry M; shoes: Nike//



  1. The skirt is great, and I love your haircut! :)
    Kisses from Spain