Monday, 29 August 2011

These Little Things

Since my inter-railing adventure with the favourite E and the following weeks I have come to appreciate a few key things about my habitat. Spending my time divided between the north and south and then some days in between it's nice to surround myself with little bits of home where ever I am. Here are a few snippets of how I make my Bristol life my home life. Next week I'll be moving onto Liverpool again. 

My beloved Mac and its Spotify capabilities.
Treasures and tidbits from loved ones.
An ever expanding selection of nail varnish. Barry M, Essie and Nails Inc are personal favourites.
Library of over read literature.
Variety of non digital camera possibilities.
Shoe, clothing, necklace, ring, cardigan, pants, bra..OPTIONS. Living out of 3 wardrobes and not 1 backpack is the way forward.
These are a handful of numbers belonging to some people I count as my true essentials. (Travelling companion not included)

Overal I count myself very lucky to feel at home in so many cities and after a summer of touring and being Bristol based I am very excited to move back up north.
R x


  1. Ahh the little things that matter. <3 Great post!
    - K



  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    The miscellaneous goods of the room are very cute.^^

  3. Thanks guys, it is wonderful to know what you all think of our blog :-)
    Keep reading...