Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hello September

Oops, I'm a little late in welcoming September...very rude of me, especially as it is one of my favourite months. Still a little hint of summer can be found, there are plentiful excuses for shopping: A/W wardrobe/back to school/it's nearly Christmas I should do some research shopping trips etc. 

Every September i also find myself with a fresh feeling of possibility, promise and potential. With these P's in mind for a few weeks i plan my new term dodo's, life goals, resolutions. It's in this state of mind that i jot down this post, hoping to infuse all you ravishing readers with the same sense of ...well why not?

If you are lacking inspriation and frankly just wish it was the start of summer again then why not try some of these things and see if they don't put a spring in your almost autumn step?

-Try the new Costa light menu, very delicious and less calorific
-Hunt out a Starbucks with the new very clutchable mugs
-Meet a friend to see a new exhibition (this time of year is full of them)
-Hunt out a new indie cafe and while away hours drinking your favourite drink
-Stock up on a couple of new novels (Frankenstein and A Clockwork Orange in my case) and set aside time just for you and your new papery friends
-Face the Filofax, colour code if you must but essentially pen (not pencil) in several dates with your favourite friends 
-Try not to get too disheartened about the approaching cold months, think instead of hot chocolates, winter pimms, shearling, over the knee boots and your local pub (the one with the fireplace hopefully)

Granted most of my indulgences are beverage based so feel free to deviate from this liquidy theme but promise me you will indulge, spare yourself more than a moment or two and take the time to enjoy the new season, it really isn't that bad...

R x

p.s. if your still not convinced take a look at this lovely site, reccomended by my most wonderful friend Alex Ellwood, it's really very pretty and a little beauty is always helpful.

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  1. Aww I love that message at the end! I love September too! Fashion Week, and holidays.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style