Saturday, 17 September 2011

My satchel essentials

To continue in the magazine classic 'inside my bag' posts, here are my cherished daily pieces.

After work I emptied my little brown satchel and found....

x1 Umbrella 
x1 mini pink pencil case (I've had since school!)
x1 Little water bottle
x1 Uneaten apple. (whoops)
x1 Reading book: Susan Sontag, 'On Photography'.
x1 The essential Carmex lip balm stick
x1 Sheer shine lip gloss.
x1 purple stray pen.
x1 My old school Nokia phone.
x1 Lumix Panansonic compact camera, just so I never miss a snap!
x1 Sunglasses, in the hope that the sun will come out...
x1 Out of date, Polaroid film I was lucky enough to get given from work, fun times ahead!
x1 Purse.
x1 Bus ticket - its in there somewhere!

E x

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