Saturday, 24 September 2011

Not just any tea party, an M&S mad hatters tea party

This past Thursday i made my way across to Soho to attend a most wonderful party. Marks and Spencers have entered the world of social media with a well attired bang and to mark the occasion a mad hatters tea party was held to debut their new women's accessories collection.  Divided into four stories, Nordic Narnia, Wilderness, Boy meets Girl and Global Traveller, the accessories ranged from super luxe wraps and glitter heels to manly brogues and boots. To top it all off the room was filled with delightful bloggers a plenty and a steady stream of cocktails.

A was in her element explaining the collections to bloggers and press alike while i waltzed around meeting some lovely people and wishing i could buy the majority of the new seasons products.
Overall, a wonderful evening. I take my (mad) hat off to you M&S. 
R x

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