Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Parka Prowl

I'm fairly indecisive about purchasing new clothes…I spend HOURS trying on pretty much everything in the shop and then usually have to ‘trick’ myself into buying various items by repeating to myself “I can always return them…. I can always return them” even though I know I won’t.

Saying this, once I decide on an item that I am certain I want, I go after it with like a dog after a bone – rifling through every magazine within igloo central, visiting pretty much EVERY shop in London to determine what I want.

        This time I have been fixated on acquiring a Parka.


Have always wanted a furry hooded coat, ever since Jennifer Williams walked into my year 3 class room in a mint green beautiful parka that made her look like a princess.

These are my inspirational findings thanks to Marie Claire, Elle and the Mighty Boosh …..

Am still undecided on this one… 28 days and counting left to return it.

J x

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