Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Growing Shoe Fetish

Right, I like shoes OK? In my opinion, if a pair of shoes costs under £20 they are practically free and so it is a crime not to buy them (it used to be £10, but what with inflation and all I upped the limit). This has resulted in a bit of a shoe collection.
The other night while attempting to have some order in my room I finally saw how many that meant....
The entire collection. I do not even want to think about the monetary value....But here are a couple of my favorites:

 Vintage heels from a second hand / vintage shop in Gothenburg, Sweden (£13)

My trusty welly's - Yes they are for a 6-10 yr old boy, yes they are awesome - 4 yrs of Glastonbury later, still going strong (£19.99 - Go Outdoors) 

These are my Beyonce shoes - £10 from a little random shop in Liverpool from my uni years... Come on like you could have let them stay there! (also the MOST comfortable silly heels I own. Win.)

J x

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  1. Love those jewelled shoes!