Saturday, 8 October 2011

Trip to The Diff

Photo diary of a day trip to the fair city of Cardiff.  

This city, which I once called home, is now almost unrecognisable!  Stepping off the train, I had to ask directions to places I used to know so well.  The city centre has undergone a huge makeover, and it's stunning!  Though, it has lost none of it's old charm, including quaint shopping arcades, indie boutiques and the wonderful Cardiff market.  

Walk with me....

Lovely arcade// art deco signage// gravity defying public art// fancy new St David's Centre// toilets with comedy value// exclusive buttons// dare I say, elite, trims?// fresh meat// Prices Sweet Shop!// colour blocking and neon courtesy of Nike// thank you, Cardiff//

A x


  1. It looks like a beautiful city!!