Monday, 28 November 2011


As a result from far too much time spent on blogs and a lifelong peaked interest in beauty products i stumbled upon GLOSSYBOX. Once i moved past it's inherently hilarious name i decided i must of course sign up. The latest and greatest beauty products delivered right to my very own door? YES PLEASE. 

So yet another Direct Debit set up and only a few short weeks later my housemates text me saying my very own glossy GLOSSYBOX had arrived. 

I'm now onto my second month and can't hold in my pleasure anymore, it is the best monthly occurrence i know of. 

I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging and GLOSSYBOX ties all the right ribbons. It arrives like a glistening bundle of joy with plenty of tissue paper, scrumpled up padding and pretty pink emblems, quelling my environmental sensibilities i plunge ahead to the delights within. This month was on the whole average. Some foot cooling gel, nice smelling moisturiser and the obligatory perfume samples. However, they slipped in some very desirable Dead Sea Magik bath salts which i am itching to try out and some Polka Dot nail wraps. This last addition i must admit excited me greatly. I have been wanting to try nail wraps for a while now but it always get pushed down to the bottom of my to do list, having them sent to me is just perfect. I plan to trial them this weekend and i will show you all my polka dot beauties then. 

Weighing up the pros and cons: it's really pretty and has nice things in, it's £12.95 etc... i would heartily recommend GLOSSYBOX. Knowing that in a few weeks you will have new products to play with is sure to put a spring in most girls step. I am  completely sold on the concept of a beauty box, i may however stray from GLOSSYBOX if a younger, fitter, bespeakled version comes along...

R x

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