Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Little Bit of Countryside Can Be a Good Thing

Back in the summertime, when I was going through a particularly rough patch, my wonderful Mum and Dad took me with them on a little holiday to the Sussex Countryside (via Bristol).  Now, being through and through, a city girl, I was apprehensive.  But this valuable lesson, I have learned... a little bit of countryside can be a very good thing.  And this is what I saw along the way...

// apothecary - you never know what you might find in Stokes Croft! // beautiful things found on a visit to the National Trust property Mottisfont Abbey // amazing cupcakes // an angel hiding in a little nook // a brook where we watched the trout // the gates in Winchester Cathedral which made me thing I was in The Lord of the Rings // Winchester town // sculpture by Elisabeth Frink //

A x

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  1. I love Winchester and Mottisfont, I spent hours at Mottisfont watching the trout (and dangling our feet in the water when it was really hot). Was the rose garden in bloom when you were there? It is just one amazing scent after another. The cupcakes look incredible - are those real flowers on them?