Sunday, 4 December 2011

All is right in the world when...

...When you're in a pop up coffee shop on Duke St in Liverpool, people watching the fashionable as they totter by, reading the free newspapers, sipping perfect lattes side by side some great friends. 
So here's to Tobias Orrells, Faaziah Ali, Owen Day and the staff at 27 Duke St for brewing these perfect moments with me. 

27 Duke St is a pop up coffee shop running until the New Year and hopefully beyond, the brainchild of the reputed Bold St Coffee this cafe is one place you really shouldn't miss. The coffee bar is central and informal to involve the customer, the coffee always sugar free to preseve it's natural beauty and the music always well selected. It is making my Liverpool life that little bit better one latte at a time.
R x

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