Friday, 2 December 2011

I Blame the Crackle: Baby I'm a Firework

For the festive season I've been experimenting with the Nail Glitter I purchased when myself and A ventured into Superdrug unsupervised... not very good for the wallet but meant that I had the goods to create... FIREWORK NAILS! Yep, I got pretty excited about these badboys.

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of  a dark base coat - I've gone for this purple colour cause it's amazing, and purple and gold go brilliantly together.

Step 2: There are a couple of techniques for this, but both start with applying a clear top coat, and then wait until its tacky.
Then you need to get yourself an old eyeshadow brush that you plan to never use again (apart from on your nails)

      Option 1: dip the tip of the nail into the pot of glitter and then while it's drying brush the glitter up towards the cuticle to create an even sprinkling effect.

      Option 2: while the top coat is drying dip the tip of the makeup brush into the pot of glitter and then apply to the nail creating a cluster at the top and then a spatter towards the cuticle.

I found the second option better for creating an even effect across all the nails, probably because I'm a massive control freak & perfectionist.

Step 3: As always, Finish with a top coat... taaa daaa!

J x

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