Wednesday, 11 January 2012

All of The Lights

This post is somewhat vintage now, but I want to share the loveliness that I experienced, so cast your mind back to pre-Christmas times....

The other Saturday I went on a late night walk around Sloane Square and Knightsbridge with a friend of mine, that put me right in the mood for Christmas and reminded me once again why I love living in this beautiful city of London.
London is mysterious and welcoming at night, and is only made more magical by the yearly appearance of the Christmas lights. So, if you are suffering from that common metropolis malaise that so often strikes and makes one forget the wonders of London, grab a friend, and start walking. And let me know what you find.

Oh, and this is the soundtrack to the magic, courtesy of Kanye West.

Floating orbs of light in Sloane Square // cute window lights on Sloane St // explosions of light // a festive looking Zara // the Saatchi Gallery // very exciting window VM at Harvey Nics // a canopy of lights // who knows where it ends?

A x

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