Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Did you all survive January?

January, it's got to be the worst month of the year. But it's over, hazaar. It won't be long now 'till Spring starts to rear it's beautiful head, there will be a new Frappuccino for us to try and we can dream of long bank holiday weekends with countryside walks, bitter Shandy's and of course, finally wearing those wonderful S/S trends.

We are however going to try and not write off January all together and I'm forcing all of us r.a.j.e. girls to list at least three highlights, I mean it can't have been all bad...

  • A lovely weekend in Bristol with most of my favourite people.
  • Doing a placement at M&S magazine and blog, lots of fun had, friends made and things learnt.
  • A weekend in my beloved Liverpool, waltzing around my favourite city like a child on holiday.
  • Buying my beautiful diamond shaped leather holdall from Topshop. It cost a lot, but it's made me happy every day I've used it and that I believe is priceless? 
  • Starting my new job at Red Eyewear - check out their website.
  • Spending a weekend in Bristol with the best of friends and family.
  • Going for a solo New Year's day walk, starting the year with purpose and passion.
  • Going to running club and Pilates with two of my new colleagues.
  • Waking up dressed as a tiger on new years day
  • Unpacking the last moving box (nearly a year later) and finding a stash of books from my childhood that had wormed their way in it.
  • Lasagne dinner with Gideon and Natalie
  • My daddy's 60th birthday weekend.
  • My lovely brother coming to visit me in Southampton.
  • Returning to uni, drinking endless tea and going on trips to find out all the best charity shops with my housemates.
  • Watching the new Sherlock Holmes.

r.a.j.e. x


  1. I'm dreamin of June. And your notebook makes feel like travelling! Thanks for the post and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment. I've just been over to your blog, it's great. A x

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  4. Jan is the hardest month for me too even though we have huge holidays here (circa 10 days)
    great blog! love the notebook travel picture

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