Monday, 30 January 2012

Getting a little more involved

We are big fans of the informality of blogging, the post modern anyone can talk to anyone, comment on anything sort of approach. In this vain I, in my state as Journalist have written a series of what I hope will be probing questions which all four of us will answer. So see below for a further insight into our inner raje's.

1) First thought when you woke up this morning?

r: REALLY, I have to get up now?!
a: How long can I get away with staying in bed?
j:   Nope, still can't breathe through my nose. Crap.
e: How many times can I hit the snooze button and not be late for work.

2) Thoughts when you looked in the mirror?

r: Very glad I bought these shorts and will definitely carry on eating healthily!
a: Disappointing outfit, but I must leave the house at some point.
j: Well my hair is interesting today
e: I miss my long hair.

3) What is your greatest regret in the past month?

r: Not sending enough Christmas cards
a: Not being brave enough to go and visit my BFF in Durham town.
j:   Being too scared to see where that opportunity would lead.
e: Forgetting to pack a whole draw of clothes and leaving them at home.

4) What are you counting down to?

r: Moving back to Liverpool on 3rd Feb. I'll have Bold St coffee on my doorstep, a beautiful-easy-to-get-to, cheap nightlife and my wonderful Liverpool family back. 
a: Our uni reunion in Liverpool in a weeks time.
j:   My popsadaddy's 60th + my granny's 90th - lots of family fun times to be had!
e: My birthday celebrations

5) What are/were your NYR?

r: Eat healthily, not crazy diet just less bad things more good things.
a: Do more exercise, eat less crap, learn to love myself the way I did before the boy.
j: The standard eat healthy, exercise etc. But also be more prepared for the unexpected, stop navel gazing and be more organised.
e:Be more organised, take more photos, do more running, grow my hair.

6) Biggest celebrity girl crush and why?

r: Very difficult to decide, so many beautiful girls, but I find Scarlett Johansson difficult to take my eyes off! Then there is Natalie Portman though...
a: Kelly Rowland. Possibly the best smile in the world, and some unbeatable thighs. Quite apart from being totally fierce.
j: It has to be BeyoncĂ©, ever since Glastonbury I have been astounded by EVERYTHING about her.
e:At the moment I'm finding it difficult to resist Gemma Arterton.

7)There's a huge fire, your Macbook and iPad are miraculously fireproof, all flatmates are safe and you have enough time to grab 1 x pair of shoes 1 x piece of jewellery 1 x bag and 1 x item of clothing...what have you come out with?

r: (Living out of a suitcase at the moment so this is easier for me) 1 x Nike court force high tops, 1 x Anchor pendant from E, 1 x Brown leather satchel-ex army lark from Poland, 1 x Vintage blue dress that looks like the ocean, never fails to make my boobs look big and my waist tiny.
a: My khaki chunky heels from Clarks, that I can walk, run, strut, dance in. The beautiful vintage necklace the my Mum & Dad bought me last Christmas. The leopard print ponyskin and patent bag that is the cherry on the cake of any outfit. My yellow cardigan that was my Dad's in the 80's in which I live and die.
j: My new very silly Burberry peep-toe boots and my "fluffy bunnies" limited edition Adidas trainers (I don't care we could only choose 1. I'm taking both). My Salmon of Knowledge necklace that was given to me by an aunt, my mother has the same necklace. Also my two silver bangles (they don't actually ever come off my wrist so that one isn't cheating). My Ted Baker bag of awesomeness. It is exactly like the Mary Poppins bag that contains everything you would/could ever need(aside from the lamp)and the only way I cope with my silly life.
Clothing: At the moment, my parka - the hood makes me feel invincible.

e: My vintage leather green flats (always comfy, always look good.) Silver necklace with green stone which I got in a charity shop, it's my favourite necklace and I pretty much wear it everyday. My tiny brown satchel that used to be my Mum's. My purple American Apparel zip up hoody, were inseparable!

8)Favourite three blogs to procrastinate with at work?

r: fashiontoast, cherry blossom girl and facehunter
a: happy because, inside out and the style rookie
j: TotallyEnormousExtinctDinosaurs, DoitlikeDelia, marianandmarloes
e: lookbook, happy because, Wolf and wood, oh comely

9)Item in handbag, other than oyster card/purse/phone you couldn't live without?

r: Carmex
a: Carmex. I regularly freak out when I think I've forgotten it.
j: What ever book I am currently reading (right now: Memoirs of a Geisha)
e: My little camera, I don't have a phone with a camera and you never know when your going to have a Kodak moment!

10)You're getting married tomorrow, who are your bridesmaids?

r: Abbie Price, Emily Coles, Joey Instone, Eilis Dunne, Kate Smith, Melanie Turley.
a: Naomi Marklew, Roanna Price, Joey Instone.
j: Karin Peters, Anne Duggan, Cara Melzack , Abbie Price, Roanna Price, Emily Coles, Debbie Quarrell, Hannah Field, Izzy Hathaway, Alan Spray, Jess Rutson, Emma Learman, Gemma Christodoulou, Jenni Duggan, Rachel Lumsden, Jemma Grant, Susie (Su) Garfit, Sara McEwan, Roisin Duggan, Gideon Goddard - I think it's a good thing I'm not getting married tomorrow.
e: Roanna Price, Abbi Simmons.


  1. Awwww, I love this post! A, I can just picture you in your yellow cardigan! (Also, totally with you on Kelly Rowland!)

    What is Carmex? - I feel like I'm missing out!

    1. WHAT IS CARMEX? Oh my. It's lip balm, about £2 from boots. The cherry one is the best! You will never look back.
      R x

    2. Thanks for the comment Chloe.

      Discover the mysery of Carmex right here...


    3. Ooooh, I need new lip balm! Next time I'm anywhere big enough to have a Boots, I'll check it out...

  2. These are cute photos!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!