Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Oh wowzers it's 2012! that means I will turn 22, graduate, officially move to Liverpool (fingers crossed), get a job and any other number of things. I could get engaged, move across the world, discover peroxide, be able to afford my clothes? Anything, it would seem, is possible.

However after a year of heartbreak, financial difficulty, family deaths, that bloody economy and general political unrest I feel very foolish for feeling as optimistic as I do. 

But then, what's life without a little foolish optimism? Is it even foolish to be optimistic when things have been hard, or is it in fact just the most sensible thing to do? 

I from the bottom of my increasingly stretched and used heart believe i can be happy every day. Sometimes yes I will cry at Tool Academy, despair at our country's government, worry about my family or laugh at my prospects so I think my new years resolution is to jolly well stop apologising for my up and down emotions. I'm starting to believe that to be truly happy you have to be truly sad, compassionate and vulnerable too sometimes. So, striving for a positive thinking me, I will embrace everything 2012 throws at me.

I hope you all have a spectacular 2012 full of good friends, food and fashion. 

R x

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