Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I blame the Crackle - Leopard Print

While perusing some beauty blogs I found an example of leopard print nails- I got pretty excited about this... and so I created some purple leopard print nails. Enjoy! has some pretty awesome beauty posts- and is great for some inspiration, you should probably take a look.

J x

Step 1 - Apply 2 coats of a base colour

Step 2 - Paint several irregular blob shapes in a random pattern across all nails in a contrasting colour using the tip of the brush.

Step 3 - Trace one side of the blob in a highlight colour and then a dot on the opposite side of the blob. The general advice is to use a nail art pen for this, but I was impatient and so improvised with a thin paint brush.

Step 4 - Finish with a top coat


  1. ahh I keep seeing this and wanting to try it. the nails look great!

    1. Thanks very much! J is super talented at nail beautifying but just follow the steps and your nails will look great too!
      R x

  2. Thank you!! hope the steps make it easy for everyone to replicate, let me know if there's any other nail trends you need help on!