Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I don't talk about music a lot here, I always forget to soundtrack my posts and never think to write extensively about it. I think it's down to not feeling as informed about it as I do fashion. Now I'm not a fashion expert by any means but I read it, absorb it, rant on about it and live it to some extent every day. But then, music is a big vice of mine. I spend a lot of money on it (Spotify, festivals, gigs) I like to tinkle around on a beautiful acoustic that my Dad bought me, and love just lying and listening to my latest favourites. So what is it? Why would I describe myself and blog about being a fashion lover but not music? 

I think, and bear with me, it's the connotations of a person's music choices that put me off. So in some people's view if you like One Direction you have no taste, if you like Rihanna you hate Chris Brown, if you like Joni Mitchell you're a sap, if you like Ed Shereen...well you don't really like music? And I just proved myself right. I may turn my nose up at fans of Adele and Michael Buble and dismiss them as just people who listen to music and not love it, but who am I to say? Where is that open minded approach I apply to peoples style choices?

So, in a vague conclusive way; I believe music boxes people in more than fashion. If you change your music taste all the time you're seen as not a true fan, if you listen to lots of different types you're seen as not a real music lover whereas fashion is all about change, integration and the culmination of different tastes. But please, feel free to disagree? 

At the moment I am listening to:
I Blame Coco-Self Machine
Crystal Castles-Crystal Castles
Louis Armstrong-What a wonderful world
Franz Nicolay-Luck and Courage
Lana Del Ray-Video Games

This is all of course laymans theory but, box Away!
R x


  1. I think you're dead right! It really annoys me when people are snobby about music. Especially with things like the X Factor. I might not choose to watch it or buy the music but thousands of people do, so the artist does deserve to sell records (whether or not any particular person thinks they're a good musician)because there is a market for their work. If there's less room in the market for other musicians because of it then that's life! If you like someone's music buy it and help them make it as a professional, if not, don't!

    You must see it in fashion and I see it in writing - time and chance happens to us all. If someone gets a big break because they win a competition then good for them. I know there is a huge chance I'll never be a published author with so much competition out there, but that doesn't mean it's OK for me to bad mouth someone who makes it as a writer overnight by winning a writing competition, even if I didn't like their writing myself! Rant over.

  2. I'm a real snob when it comes to music. I find it totally legit to distance myself from a person who listens Justin Bieber or Lady Ga-Ga.
    And i'm a big vinyl guy - i just love the dusty retro aftertaste. And, yes by buying a vinyl record you pay respect to the performer.