Tuesday, 17 January 2012

R goes all M&S

Thanks to my wonderful sister, A, I am currently working my way through a month long placement at M&S magazine and blog and...it isn't half fun! Yes getting up at 6 sucks, yes the morning commute is dull, yes tubes smell, yes I was terrified, yes I do count down to 5.30pm and yes...for the first couple of days I had to survive on instant coffee. But, then..

I found where they keep the real coffee; I learnt to get ready in under an hour and I started actually talking to my co workers. 

Have you ever read M&S magazine? Have you walked past it and thought it wasn't worth it? Being a business to customer magazine, yes of course it shamelessly plugs M&S (hey at least it's not Primark) but it is also staffed by well reputed industry experts think ex Glamour/Liberty etc and is created with real thought on what the customer would want. 

M&S Stories is the recently launched blog, which is where i've spent most of my time here so far, and it's pretty wonderful I think. Again it is all about M&S but as that's such a huge family it's well worth a read. With trend reports, staff diaries, launch updates and recipes it is an exhaustive and well made blog that puts many others to shame. (This is largely down to creative-computer-whizz-nice-man Daniel Copley, see his own wonderfully entertaining blog here.)

While I have OF COURSE been working as hard as my slow typing will allow, I couldn't help compiling a wish list of some of the beauties M&S have revealed this season, see why I couldn't resist...

My crave list is unsuprisingly all from the Limited collection, which is the most fashion forward from M&S, at Topshop prices (and sometimes cheaper) and much better quality, it is fast becoming one of my favourite labels to shop. 

Squirrel print knitted top £35//Top handle multiple pockets    handbag £35//Body con fitted dress £39.50//Pop art print scarf £15//Slash neck slit maxi dress £45. Find them all here

R x

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