Wednesday, 18 January 2012

R: Working girl

So did you all survive blue Monday?
Mine went a little like this:

6.50am ALARM
7.00am ALARM
7.10am ALARM
7.15am Glance at clock, leap out of bed. 
7.20am Walk into kitchen to fine two burly, cigarette reeking buildings prodding the fridge
7.30am Run away from builders with hot water and lemon, wash, throw clothes on and stare at my make up bag.
7.40am Wish I didn't have to leave in 10 minutes
7.50am Eat bran flakes and manage a fairly successful face of make up
8.10am Leave 10 minutes late and sprint to the tube
8.57am Arrive at Paddington and hurry around flustered commuters to M&S head office
9.00am Arrive, smell out the coffee, weep when it's only decaf and try to chant caffeine into my system
11.00am Click the intimidating PUBLISH button at work for various recipe and Plan A posts. 
12.30pm Lunch time excitement. Lack of sleep and caffeine meant a choice of ciabatta, felt guilty so grabbed some sushi too. 
1.30pm Too full, wish i could loosen belt.
1.40pm Write this very blog post.
3.00pm Think about how much of my dissertation I need to stop ignoring.
3.10pm Intensely miss Owen Walter Day.
3.15pm Realise it's my favourite time of day and tell myself to snap out of said missing and be a good intern. 
4.00pm Fill up my new shiny keep cup with green tea.
5.00pm Develop intense headache, try and hide it from co-workers.
5.30pm Finish off last bits of work, wrap up and head home.
6.45pm Get home, feel awful so dive into PJ's and paracetamol. Move onto the couch. 
7.30pm Sister brings me Rum and ginger beer.
8.00pm Feel a lot better
8.30pm Watch bridesmaids with the girls and attempt to eat contents of freezer (must be defrosted to be fixed next week)
11.00pm Cleanse, tone, moisturise, set alarm. BED. 

R x

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