Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ash Wednesday

I hope you are all full to the brim of delicious pancakes, did anyone take raje-spiration and try American style ones?

I had a moderate stack, with my all time favourite lemon and sugar and then cooked a chorizo/mince Mexican feast as today is the first day of a meat free lent. And because I'm a sucker for punishment I've thrown in chocolate, alcohol and shopping too. 

As were all post religion these days lent isn't as big a deal, and that is more than fine. It's hard, annoying and generally makes your days a little less enjoyable. But, annoyingly, I just can't shake the urge to partake. I think it's because depriving ourselves is good for us, it betters us. Everyone is always talking about our greedy, take take take only need to look at the economy, barely limping along after decades of indulgence, to see how much we love to have and not to have not. 

I will still have a roof over my head, food every day, good company, an occupation and clothes. I will still have more than the majority of people in this world. Because remember, the majority don't have enough to live on, let alone the luxury to consider giving things up. 

So if sacrificing a few vices makes me a bit healthier, financially better off, more focused and less self indulgent then it's a small price to pay really.

Oh shig, I made it about me again. 

R x

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  1. CHOCOLATE! :) You're making me drool! Glad to hear that you had a lovely week!