Friday, 17 February 2012


I think family is probably one of the few things it's OK to boast about. I completely understand people's devotion to their family. I, having quite simply the best family in the world, know exactly how they feel. When my Aunty recently brought down a shoe box full of old photos I got to thinking about just how wonderful my relatives are. 

My Mum and Dad are two of the wisest and most inspirational people I know. And not just because they're old and have experienced more, they are just simply inspired people who live lives of truth, love, integrity and passion. My older sister (A) is one of most beautiful, emotional and sincere people I know. Growing up surrounded by these three wonderful, cultured, witty, talented, high calibre people has been the greatest blessing I could of every hoped for. 

I owe everything good about myself to these three people. 

So, here's to families big, small, together, apart, old and new. But ultimately, good.

R x

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