Sunday, 19 February 2012


One of the fundamental r.a.j.e. principles is to work with and not against your body shape, of which there are 12 easy to spot types.

I am, an hourglass. Now don't worry, I'm not one of those girls with huge boobs and an unfortunate stomach declaring myself an hourglass because I saw I had curves. NO. Instead, I have equal shoulder to hip width, shapely legs and a small waist. That lovely readers is an hourglass. 

Within r.a.j.e. we have:
R: Hourglass A: Skittle J: Vase E: Pear 

So we decided to, one at time, bring you our best tips for dressing for our, and potentially your, shape. Of course relating it to the seasonal trends of the day, so here am I, hourglass ready to tackle the S/S 12 trends. 

Firstly, for me every single good outfit begins with body prep. 
Moisturise, then moisturise again. Smooth, scented skin makes me feel instantly better about myself and therefore more likely to pull together a successful look. 

This is one of my personal favourites:

Next, get some good underwear. Walk away from Primark, step back from H&M and throw away those pants you've had for ages/got on your gap year/your ex gave you. Get at the very least a handful of decent bras that fit. They should be a bit uncomfortable when you buy them as they stretch so much. I went from a 36b to a 32d in one surreal afternoon.  

Right, now...what do you want to wear? If you want to wear a wrap dress/pencil skirt/high waisted trousers/belted anything/trench coat then HURRAH. Your instincts are in line with your body shape. However, if you want to go boyish, loose, modernist, sporty, 20's/80's etc then you may have to Um and Ah a little more.

You can wear any trend, I promise. Just interpret it to work with you. So, emphasise your waist when you can, don't wear a drop waist, favour waist lines over empire lines etc. Also, crop tops are your best friend. Over skirts/maxi dresses/jeans etc, anything. They end at your thinnest point and that's always good.

Sorbet shades, embellishment, clashing prints, cut out leather, flame emblazoned heels can all work for you if you pick and chose the right aspects of a trend. Here's a bash at the to-be-huge trend clashing prints that will make even the worst of weekdays fabulous.  

T Shirt dress: Stolen Girlfriends Club £140

Silver love bird pendant: Not on the high street £50 

Winter forest pendant: Not on the high street £58

Leather clip cross body bag: Topshop £58

MONKS suede chunky shoe: Topshop £34

This is just the basics of a simple day time outfit. The t-shirt dress while not traditionally perfect for an hourglass is just an example of something you can make work. It's perfectly on trend with its delightful print and made of high quality jersey so will hang well on your curves. It's the little details that will make this work for you, so wear long pendant necklaces that end on your waistline to draw the eye down to your thinnest point. A cross body bag is also a good way of doing this. Then keep it on trend but not try hard with some creepers inspired shoes. 

Wear with opaques and your boyfriends cardy for the colder days and throw over a half destroyed shirt and some lighter footwear for when the sun decides to stop hiding. 

A's Skittle how to will land next week. 

R x


  1. thank you so much for your comment!
    and i love your blog, keep it up, girl!


  2. This silver bird necklace is so cuuuuuute!
    I love it!
    I want to try Lush Cream.
    Thank your for your commnt!

    akiko in Tokyo

  3. like the tshirt dress

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. The next installment of the body shapes posts will be up on Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled.