Thursday, 2 February 2012

J: Working Girl

A day in the life of a Burberry girl:

6:40 – Primary iPod alarm goes off and I awake to Love Shack by the B52’s
6:41 – Frantically try to find the shuffle button on speaker machine to find something less morning offensive, settle for Bob Dylan’s Mr Tambourine Man,

6:42 – Snooze to Bob's dulcet tones
6:50 – Secondary phone alarm goes off, an intensely invasive ring tone forces me to get out of bed, turn it off and bumble my way to the shower.
7:15 Released from the shower, grab a cup of hot squash and commence the recurring morning battle with The Wardrobe
7:50 Leave the house and start The Epic Journey into Central London
8:18 – On the packed-like-sardines train have the realisation that the man next to me is attempting to woo me.
8:27 – After escaping said man, realise I have a text from The Friendship Boy, who is still as sick as a nano badger
8:48 – Arrive at work, turn computer on, start-up emails, make cup of tea and gather some fruit, catch-up up with the workies after the weekend.
9:04  Read through emails
9:34 - Make second cup of tea
9:37 - Start the Excel database madness
10:08 - Realise I have the La Cucaracha song stuck in my head, vaguely worry about my sanity.
10:12 - Make 3rd cup of tea
11:28 - Run to collect lunch, everything usually disappears by 12 so I then have to endure my lunch sitting on my desk staring at me, willing me to eat it before mid-day
12:01 - Becoming increasingly concerned that my leggings are partly see through
12:16 - Eat lunch whilst finishing off the Excel mock-up of an interface
12:17 - Open huge spread sheet of mega death in order to start mapping tool functionalities
12:30 – Get distracted by r.a.j.e blogging
12:40 – Shake self back into work
13:03 – Find many problems with actual interface, and am told that I have a limited amount of time to fix them. Brilliant.
13:36 – After checking the mirror in the toilets, receive self confirmation that my outfit is pretty horrendously put together as the scarf is too similar to the jumper and the leggings are definitely partly see through
14:15- En route to the pretty head office for a meeting, make an attempt to tame the huge cowlick that my hair has adapted.
15:17- Finish meeting early, check up on emails with a Starbucks and a chocolate bar before the show room walk through.
17:50 - Catch myself dancing on train platform to Stevie Wonder

18:30 - Arrive back at the igloo, start cooking, have a congratulations-you-survived-Monday glass of wine with Ndebs.
19:23 - Realise that La Cucaracha is back in my head, and I have absolutely no idea where it came from to begin with
20:00 - Eat dinner infront of "don't tell the bride", hate myself a little
21:45 - Write this blog post
22:00 - Dance myself into pj's with the help of Friendly Fires.

J x

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