Sunday, 26 February 2012


So,  I'm a skittle. To some of you, this phrase will be received with a knowing nod, and maybe some sympathy/ misplaced envy. To others, let me explain.

We at r.a.j.e. believe that knowing and understanding your body shape is invaluable. It can unravel lifelong mysteries of why you can never find jeans to fit; why one shop's clothes always fit like they were made for you; why you always feel crap in [insert appropriate] and why you always feel super hot/smart in [again, insert as appropriate].

Being a skittle, I have: a long torso with a gently curving waist; average size boobs; narrow shoulders; skinny arms; short but shapely legs; massive hips; and a good size bum.  I often feel like the top and bottom half of my body are completely at odds with each other, but when dressed well, I feel like a million dollars.

I do not always get it right, so with a lot of trial and error, here are some of my most successful efforts over the past year of the blog of dressing my imbalanced but bootylicious body shape....

Casual - it is possible to be curvy and dress casually!  This is me embracing my curves and not trying to hide them.  But at the same time, make the best of them, a crop top is clever because it draws the eye to my small waist and the neckline broadens my shoulders, balancing my hips.

This is one of my best tips - I can't tell you how much this one helps!  Wear a swooshy/ puffball high waisted skirt and it completely hides those hips!  Who knows what's under the skirt - all we can see is the legs from the smallest point down.  Also a long necklace draws the eye down to the waist and elongates the body.

This is one of my all-time favourite outfits.  Totally flaunting my massive hips in a bodycon dress and leggings, whilst lengthening my legs in skyscraper heels, then allowing myself to have a lot of fun with my jacket.

Office chic - work-wear actually offers a lot of scope for dressing a skittle body shape .  My go-to options are high waisted shorts/ trousers with a cute shirt or vest top.  The trousers and shorts are smart enough for work and make me feel like I can take on the world.  A cropped jacket is ideal for lengthening my short legs, cutting me at my smallest point - my waist - and broadening my tiny shoulders.

Occasion - wedding and the like can be a massive wardrobe challenge, however with the right key pieces, you'll never have to worry again.  This dress is a steal from my Mother, via my sister.  It is perfect!  The deep V neckline, meeting at a nipped-in, belted waist, then flowing out into a swooshy full skirt create the illusion of a perfectly balanced hourglass figure.  Hoorah!  This one also happens to have shoulder pads - which are a bit of a secret weapon for us skittles.

Fellow skittles, the single most important thing to remember in looking your best, is to learn to love and understand your body shape.  To work with it and not against it.  Adjust your mindset from hiding your flaws, to flaunting your assets.

A x


  1. it's good to know your body shape, i try to stick to things that i know suit me - though i still lust after things that don't.... paperbag waists :(


    1. Hey, yeah, it happens to us all, it's ok to break the rules once in a while! A x