Monday, 6 February 2012

A: Working Girl

6.30 Alarm goes off, snooze.

6.58 Wake up and realise I must've turned my alarm off. Decide I can go to River Island in my lunch break, rather than before work. Not worth sacrificing time in my cosy bed.

7.58 Have to change my tights because of a ladder for the third time. Wonder if it might be a good time to have a clear out?

8.17 Panic that I'm gonna be late and put on make-up at the speed of light.

8.52 On the tube I realise I've got my times muddled and am consequently running over 40 mins early.

9.00 Receive some street style snaps from a friend which make me smile - they'll be appearing on the blog shortly...

9.26 Sit down with my double tall skinny extra hot latte. Pretentious much?

10.42 1st external meeting at my new job. Didn't appreciate quite how nervous I'd be!

11.38 Daydream about how long it'll be until r.a.j.e. rules the world...?

11.45 Experience particularly vivid flashbacks to school science lessons, whilst learning the technology of sunglasses.

12.23 Rue the day I decided to live/ work on the district line.

14.23 Drift off from my training session and a have a brief surge of uncharacteristic pro-feminist hatred of boys.

14.49 Doodle a nail art idea instead of taking notes.

16.20 I've just spent the past half an hour absolutely jam packing my work diary for next three weeks.  Oh dear.

16.22 Thrown black pen on my lovely beige shorts.  Fail.

18.15 Pilates. Let's see if the novelty hasn't worn off, what with this being the second session and all.

19.29 Phew! I got through Pilates alive and kicking. I can totally make this a regular occurance.

19.30 Feel a big gush of love for my Mum after listening to her voicemail. Will she ever get to grips with her HTC?

19.50 Just read my sister's first published fashion article. Glowing with pride.

19.51 Wonder if black ink comes out in the wash? Probably not. 

21.20 At a dinner party and breathing a sigh of relief as conversation turns from child abuse to The Big Bang Theory.

21.28 ...and now fashion. Now, that's more like it.

21.40 Lycheeeeeeeees!

21.46 Have you ever tried ambrosia? It's not called food of the gods for nothing.  Made by a Kiwi is the best way.


Single cream, whipped
Tub of yoghurt
Chocolate chips
Refrigerate in a fridge

21.58 Apparently I'm more ghetto than I thought. 

22.04 To hear my friend in raptures about art, specifically the new David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy is wonderful and life affirming.

22.14 Does anyone know where these girls find these boys that buy them too many gifts and take them out for too many dinners?  Answers on a postcard.  

22.31 Thank the wonderful Steve Jobs (RIP) for making the blessed iPhone.

23.07 Shoot-up Hill.  No comment.

23.26 The Jubilee line is the perfect place for a wonderfully arty, spiritual chat with a new friend.

23.33 Change at Westminster. Possible my favourite tube station of them all.

22.55 Lust over YSL's new lip gloss stain thingamajig.  Reading magazines is dangerous.

00.01 Mental note; must congratulate friend on her fantastic hostessing skills tonight.

00.08 Home sweet home. I find my amazing housemates have undertaken the task of clearing the fridge and freezer out. They are darlings indeed and I owe them kisses xxx

00.12 Quickly photograph my sketches for our upcoming design collaboration with Zolibeau the as deadline was today! Will have to anotate with notes that make sense tomorrow.

00.25 Realise its gonna take donkeys years to type up these ramblings and that I should probably go to bed.

00.26 Sweet dreams zzz.

A x


  1. This post is very original! I enjoyed reading it!
    I am following you through bloglovin and the follow button that is located in the upper left corner of your blog!

  2. very poetic day!
    I love your zebra sole and Steven Jobs!

    akiko in Tokyo

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  5. hahah this post made me smile! Thanks you so much :))) Can't wait to see the outfit you wore!

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  6. Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments. I've just gone and visited all of your blogs, they are great! It's nice to see so much variety in everyone's blogs. Lots of love. A x