Thursday, 8 March 2012

Crepe City // Move It 2012

If you were wondering what was happening over in East London this Sunday gone, let me enlighten you.  It was Crepe City 2012 - an indie trainer festival.  There were trainers, there were ridiculously well dressed trainer fans, there was music and there was ale.  All in all, a recipe for a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  

Whatever you call them...trainers, sneaker, crepes, kicks.... I love them, and they are always hot.

I went, not only to drool over the sneakers, but also to see my friend Damien Metal Mantis, the UK boss of Shoeture.  If you don't know what Shoeture is... stunning metal accessories for beautifying trainers old and new.  If your kicks aren't fresh, they will be with some Shoeture!


All this took place in the lovely Bar Music Hall in Old St - I loved the gorgeous stripped beams and the murals covering the walls.

Coordinating yo-yo and metal.  I'm not sure you can get cooler than that, can you?  I'll go check... 

Stefan Superfly showing us how it's done with some purple hooks.

Shoeture boss man Damien Metal Mantis looking fresh.

If this has whetted your appetite for some shiny new bling, you can get your hands on your very own Shoeture hooks/ tangs/ pins at the Move It dance show, this weekend 9-11th March 2012 at Olympia, London

Whatever you do folks remember, stay fresh.

A x