Monday, 19 March 2012

Florence and the machine

A couple of days ago I made the short trip across to Manchester to see Florence and the Machine, I went with two of my best friends and we met another wonderful friend and ... that was the highlight of the trip: friends. I have been so focused on not failing my degree recently it was really nice to take a day out to drink cocktails and relax with friends. After a Bourbon or two we headed to the MEN and from the first chord from the oh so forgettable support acts there began my realisation of how much I dislike stadium gigs. By the time the horror of the Horror's was over I would have been happy for One Direction to walk onto the stage, so seeing Florence walk out was really quite wonderful. Looking her usual theatrical self in a velvet cape, twirling around barefoot she and the machine filled (ish) the stadium with on point vocals, melodic music and a touch of performance. 

I think if I had written off my day, arrived five hours early and stood at the front I may got swept away by the music and thought I was participating in a wonderful moment. But looking down from the stalls I realised a few things...

1) The sound quality is really awful
2) I can't see anything
3) This cost £30
4) Florence would rather not be here

I've seen Florence before at the Isle of Wight festival and I can honestly say that was a truly spectacular moment, it wasn't just the sunshine or the festival vibes, it was Florence and the crowd. For a start the enthusiasm that radiated from her and the band was tangible, she interrupted every song with gushes of how happy she was, she ad libbed, harmonised, danced, ran around and improvised. It was a true performance by a great artist. But then the historic Isle of Wight festival is I imagine a tad more exciting than the dark MEN. 

(I didn't get any on the night, she would have been a pea anyway, so this is Googled)

So yes the gig was techinically good, I enjoyed it, it was nice. But all in all, the music sounds a lot better on a record player, I can see her better on the pages of Vogue, and she, like me,  is much happier in a festival. The best thing about the day was the time spent with my friends, and I could have done that in Liverpool...

R x

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