Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fur Faux Pas

Fur - the big fashion taboo, after studying fashion and then working within the ethical fashion world I have had many conversations on this topic, I've even witnessed a couple of friends having a full on row (resulting in a bout of silence for 2 days) about the pros and cons of real fur Vs fake fur. And am not sure why Fur as apposed to the equally damaging use of leather gets so many peoples goats. Is it because the fur comes from something cute furry or is it because fur has had considerably more press for a longer length of time? Personally I find this is a tricky one, and more than once or twice at some stage during a debate, when I realise that I am arguing in the pro real fur camp, I can't help but feel a lot like I am Cruella De Vil's second cousin.

Not being a vegetarian I don't feel that I can start taking any moral high ground regarding society's treatment of an animals, but just so I am clear:
I do not agree with the inhumane treatment of animals for either food or fur.

Taking out the argument about whether we should be using fur or not (as that is a whole different kettle of fish type argument about the fashion industry as a whole) My main sticking point is that fake fur has a hugely damaging effect on the environment - being made out of complex man-made fibers it is very difficult to recycle whereas real fur is biodegradable.

While I was in Sweden,
perusing the fabulous vintage shops, I came across this beautiful fox fur hat, given the vintage trend of the past 5 years, more and more people now own fur. And this is where I find it hard to draw the line, we have no control over who or how vintage fur items were made. But made it was, and if you are choosing to own fur then surely vintage is the way to go?

To be honest I am still not sure what is right and what is wrong as I can see both sides of the argument very clearly. But I guess that the important thing, (while I am still unresolved) is that I am willing to discuss it, and so if/when I get asked about my moral stand point on fur while wearing the aforementioned hat at least I wont mumble something inaudable, remove the hat and then spend the rest of my life in a guilt ridden emotional hole.

J x


  1. A very interesting and thought provoking post! I myself am in a similar mind as you- that is, I haven't fully decided my views on fur, but do feel it would be hypocritical to totally condemn it, given that I still eat meat. It seems to me that one possible contributor to the ammount of media and public attention the issue gets is that because it's actually 'furry,' it makes people actually confront the fact that it was once a living creature, whereas with a leather jacket or a plate of sausages it's easier to separate oneself from this, because it doesn't look like the animal so much. Just a thought, have enjoyed the way this post made me actually think! Xx

    1. Hi Caroline,thanks for visiting the blog ;) Really glad you enjoyed the post. We like to keep ourselves on our toes and not get complacent about what we do, or too sucked up in the world of fashion and forget reality!
      A x