Friday, 30 March 2012

Gelato Mio!

One thing above all, is imperative when in Italy.  Namely, to eat gelato.  I was promised 'famous gelato shop' and I wasn't disappointed.  I can recommend the dark chocolate and hazelnut varieties, but don't let me limit you, take a look for yourself...

My stylish colleagues Hayley and Krystle and myself in the cutest little fish restaurant.

H wears // blazer: Topshop // necklace: M&S Limited Collection //

A wears // pashmina: t'was a gift // blazer: Topshop // shirt: Topshop // faux-leather skirt: H&M // shoes: M&S Limited Collection // clock ring: H&M // heart nuckle-duster: Topshop //

K wears // jumper: Topshop // dress: River Island //

A x

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  1. I also love gelato very much!!!
    You are all cuuuuute!

    I open new school and gallery in Japan.
    If you come Tokyo, contact me!