Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The grey times in life

If you're anything like me you will try and compartmentalise most aspects of your life. I want to be able to have a tidy comparison for everything I experience. My current state of being can, unfortunately, only be remotely honestly compared to the colour grey.

It's OK. Everything is just OK. My self image = OK, my financial state = OK (ish), my dissertation work = OK, my after graduation plans = OK.

In fact most things are wonderful, but there are a few sick Nana's, a couple of deadlines too many, some in a pickle friends etc that are combining to take my current colour from a rich purple to a mediocre grey. Being a resilient optimist (thinly disguised with scepticism), I am determined to take my current shade and work my way, with a hop skip and jump along the rainbow, to more dynamic colour palette.

Admittedly, bad things always happen, there are never enough holidays; dates or daffodils and so I am, through one blog post, attempting to convince myself and maybe one or two of you that shades of grey can work, and even work happily.

As I have tried to illustrate through some beautiful interiors, grey can be wonderful. It can look stylish, understated and welcoming. But admittedly the key, is a contrast of vivid colour. That's the thing about grey, it is a screaming base for wonderful brights, whether lemon yellow, true red or leaf green, all of the sickeningly happy colours just look fantastic, and even more fantastic than normal when run up alongside grey. This, it turns out, also applies to life. Having grey moments, days or weeks makes you all the more ready to have the yellow times. So I am going to carry on with my grey lull and just make sure I make it a bit more beautiful, whether through coffee shop trips, fresh flowers or home cooked meals I will slowly introduce my own moments of yellow day by day. I hope you all manage to find your own pantone preferences.

R x


  1. Bless you.

    The novel I am currently writing has the first line, "If insanity was a colour, it would be grey." And the main character is an artist so there are a lot of colour/mood references throughout. This is very topical for me!

  2. I couldn't agree more. Mixing grey with bold colors changes the whole mood of things for the better. Whether you incorporate it in an outfit or around the house... it's something I always love to play around with. Love your blog :)

    If you get a chance check out mine:

    its in the starting stages! Just made it. Thanks!