Monday, 26 March 2012

I Blame The Crackle: E's Turn

As you have all seen, I have become fairly obsessed with the painting nails and trying new techniques and styles. As I live with A, and R was in London a lot at the beginning of the year, this meant that they have been my guinea pigs, which somethimes is a good thing, and sometimes a bad thing..... Either way, it has meant that I haven't been able to use and abuse E's nails, and I think she was starting to feel a little left out (that is the story I am going with anyway) So the last R.A.J.E weekend, I pinned her down and attacked her nails with a theme that I have been thinking about for a while....

 Half way there.... I'm not very good at staying in the lines... never have been really.

The final product! Hurrah!

J x

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