Thursday, 1 March 2012

J is for Jonquil >> An Album Launch

So last night I went to a gig. It was at Hoxton Sq Bar & Kitchen or Bar & Grill or is it Bar, Kitchen & Grill. Anyway, it was to see one of my favourite bands called Jonquil. They are an Oxford based band who are, quite frankly, awesome. As I've previously said, what I really love about them is that their music just makes me want to dance about and sing at the top of my voice. (Please note, this is not advisable in an office environment.)

They are part of the Oxford based collective Blessing Force which is well worth investigating as that lot are producing some really really brilliant music, artwork, and other bits and bobs. 


Last night was the launch for their 3rd album Point of Go (you can have a sneaky listen here, but only if you then buy it here) so myself, the lovely A and our wonderful partner in crime NDebs,(along with a few other raggamuffins, including the ever brilliant  Sally Mumby-Croft) went along to have a listen and a dance.

We had fun.  You can replicate some of that fun we had by following some of these links...

The Single:

One of my favourites from the album:


These are some of their linky type things.... click on them all.(I'm not even getting commission on this!)

J x

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