Sunday, 18 March 2012


Ok so I know as you begin to read this you immediately start to deny to yourself your pear status, or try and persuade your friend sitting next to you that you're an hourglass. But stop that now, because I understand that you may have been scarred with some horrific connotations of having big hips and thighs and small boobs. As soon as someone announces you're a pear it just makes  you instantly want to hide. Well my fellow pears, do not fear because it's not all bad. In fact it's not bad at all! And to those of you who aren't pears, listen up because you might learn a thing or too.

So to be a pear it's simple; your shoulders are slightly smaller than your hips and you usually have a longer waist but thats it. It doesn't depend on how big your boobs or thighs are at all. So here's how to dress for it:

Like the other shapes you can wear any trend, its just HOW you wear it. So if you want to wear shorts, try and make them high waisted, to balance those shoulders and hips. If you want to wear a dress, make sure it comes in at the waist or make it an empire line that accentuates your long slender waist. So essentially all you're doing is balancing out your figure. 

Think of it as simply as you can. If you have smaller shoulders and small boobs don't go wearing a scoop neck thats going to flatten your chest more and highlight your narrow shoulders. Instead go for a collar or more upper body detail, maybe a higher neckline. 

If you have narrower shoulders than hips but not small boobs then don't fret, you can still wear capped-sleeves and slightly higher necklines just make sure you're always drawing it back to that waist, a-line the skirts when you can for that slender hip curve. AND enjoy, don't blush when someone asks what shape you are, just say, be proud and wear it well. 

Photo's curtesy of photographer and housemate Eden Mai. E x

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